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At Targa, we strive to conduct our business safely and with integrity, creating lasting benefits for our stakeholders, including investors, lenders, customers, employees, business partners, regulators, and the communities in which we live and work. We are proud to be part of the energy infrastructure that is delivering safe, reliable energy domestically and globally.

While there is a significant amount of discussion around the energy transition and what that may look like going forward, we firmly believe that natural gas and other hydrocarbons can and will be part of the long-term solution to reducing the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Our operations connect U.S. natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) supply to markets where there is growing demand for clean, affordable fuel and feedstocks to make products we use every day, even electric cars. As economies continue to grow and living standards improve, the world faces the dual challenge of meeting the growing demand for energy while mitigating emissions. We acknowledge this challenge, and believe that Targa’s infrastructure and services are an important part of the solution.  

Sustainability Report

The report advances Targa’s sustainability disclosures and provides a review of Targa’s performance against various environmental, social, and governance topics that are important to our industry.

Sustainability Report Cover

Letter to Stakeholders

Download Letter to Stakeholders

Letter to Stakeholders

Performance Data

Download 2020 Sustainability Report Performance Data Table

Performance Data Table

Download Energy Infrastructure Council (EIC) Reporting Template

EIC Reporting Template