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As one of the largest independent midstream infrastructure companies in North America, we are focused on delivering natural gas and natural gas liquids from wellhead to domestic and global markets, helping to meet the world’s growing demand for less carbon-intensive, reliable, and affordable fuel and feedstocks that help support higher standards of living in the United States and beyond. We strive to conduct our business sustainably, safely, and with integrity, creating lasting benefits for our stakeholders, including investors, lenders, customers, employees, business partners, regulators, and the communities in which we live and work.

2022 Sustainability Report

Download 2022 Sustainability Report

2022 Sustainability Report

2022 Sustainability Report Presentation

Download Letter to Stakeholders

Letter to Stakeholders


TCFD Index

Performance Data

Download 2022 Sustainability Report Performance Data Table

Performance Data Table

Download Energy Infrastructure Council (EIC) Reporting Template

EIC Reporting Template