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Safety is a top priority at Targa. We know that our success as a company hinges on our ability to protect our workforce and the public and to maintain the integrity of our assets. We promote a safety-first culture and operate our assets in a way that continuously exceeds industry standards. Our goal is for everyone to return home safely at the end of every day. We strive to continuously improve our safety performance through our vision of “Zero is Achievable,” which is rooted in our belief that we can achieve zero accidents.

2021 Performance Highlights

Safety Highlights



Safety Commitments and Goals

As a company, we take our commitment to safety seriously and we actively assess and measure our safety culture. We continue to make improvements in our safety programs and management systems, implementing new ideas and technologies to help us meet our goals. We believe that identifying strategic safety goals each year reinforces our commitment to the well-being of our workforce, improves our safety culture, and helps us work towards our vision of zero accidents.

image of safe workers at Targa

Image of 811 call before you dig hotline

Public Safety and Awareness

Our Public Awareness Program is designed to inform the public and excavators how to recognize and report pipeline incidents. In addition, our public awareness team works with emergency responders to conduct drills and ensure effective coordination in the event of an incident.

Emergency Preparedness

As a responsible member of the communities where we operate, we have robust processes in place to prepare for and appropriately respond to a wide range of emergencies. Our goal is to protect Targa’s workforce and the communities surrounding our operations.

Emergency Preparedness