Targa respects the individual differences of our employees, customers, stakeholders, and individuals within the communities in which we operate. At Targa, we are devoted to managing our businesses with integrity. We challenge ourselves to be an industry leader in all aspects of our operations. Through our actions both inside and outside of our organization, we encourage candid communication with active listening and learning.  Further, we strive to follow through on our obligations, be accountable for our actions and results, and focus on delivering quality products and services. Observing the law is the foundation for Targa's ethical standards.  Targa reinforces our commitment to ethics, integrity, and compliance through adherence to our policies and practices, as well as annual training. Our actions are guided by Targa’s Code of Conduct, the overarching policy that empowers us to make the commitment to ethics, integrity, and compliance.

Corporate Citizenship Statement

Targa is dedicated to engaging and investing in the local communities where our employees live and where we operate. We strive to be a safe and dependable community member and seek to contribute our time and resources to our local communities. We make charitable contributions to, and participate in volunteer activities with, local organizations within the communities in which we operate.

Our Employees

Targa employs more than 2,500 people and is an equal opportunity employer. We offer a dynamic work environment where our employees can learn and develop. We encourage input from our employees in all areas of our business. We are dedicated to fostering a safe workplace environment and helping our employees reach their potential while achieving our organizational goals.


At Targa, we believe that our employees are the foundation to ensure that our assets operate safely and that we deliver a quality suite of energy infrastructure services to our customers. To achieve an industry leading position, we foster a collaborative, inclusive, and safety-minded work environment, focused on working safely every day.  We seek to identify the most qualified internal and external talent for our organization.  We focus on selecting and developing a workforce committed to safety, customer service, teamwork, business performance, industry knowledge, and our commitment to ethics, integrity, and compliance.

Diversity and Inclusion

Targa is committed to fostering a work environment in which all employees treat each other with dignity and respect.  This commitment extends to providing equal employment and advancement opportunities based on merit and experience, while striving to promote inclusion of thought, skill, knowledge, and culture across our operations.


Talent Development

At Targa, we believe our employees are the key building block that helps ensure we operate our infrastructure assets safely in the communities where we operate while still providing excellent service to customers.  As Targa continues to evolve, we understand that we must provide opportunities that concurrently help develop our employees while advancing their careers.  Targa management promotes formal and informal learning and development throughout the organization, as well as self-development through our Education Assistance Policy. Targa also offers developmental programs focused on building skills and increasing the depth of our technical and non-technical workforce.

Succession Planning

As an energy infrastructure operator, we understand the importance of developing and fostering talent to provide a skilled and talented workforce focused on operating our assets and facilities safely, compliant with regulatory requirements, and delivering quality service to our customers. Through our development programs, as well as other employee training initiatives, we endeavor to cross train our employees and develop them into future leaders within our organization.

Ethics and Compliance Training

In accordance with our Code of Conduct, complying with the law is the foundation for Targa's ethical standards. Our employees are required to annually complete Code of Conduct training.  The training helps teach and reinforce legal compliance, ethical standards, our values and their importance to Targa and to actions and decisions made by our employees. 

Community Engagement

At Targa, we understand the importance of our involvement within each local community where we work.  In order to be a good corporate citizen, we seek to be involved and support activities that benefit our surrounding communities.   


Targa is committed to dedicating time and effort to support the local communities and environment in which we live and operate. We collaborate with local organizations and sponsor activities that deliver meaningful and beneficial value to our local communities.

Indigenous Peoples Statement

As part of our dedication to cultural diversity, Targa appreciates the importance of working with Indigenous Peoples in communities where we operate. Targa takes a long-term view in developing these relationships and does so based on the expectations of mutual respect, confidence, trust, and benefit.  We also understand the importance of direct communication with those who could potentially be affected by our operations.  As such, Targa encourages its employees to recognize the unique worldviews and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples.  


Moreover, in order to develop our country’s vast resources, Targa is aware of the challenges and the time and effort required to develop lasting relationships with people and communities. Consistent with our Code of Conduct, Targa seeks to foster a collaborative work environment with Indigenous Peoples through mutual respect and dignity. Positive long-term interactions and cultural sensitivity with our country’s first community make a positive difference and advance mutually beneficial relations.

Charitable Giving and Community Involvement

At Targa, we understand the impact that certain organizations and activities can have within our local communities. Whether it be charitable donations or volunteer work, we seek to help ensure that these organizations and activities continue to influence our surrounding societies in a positive manner that is consistent with our Code of Conduct. In a constant effort to be a good corporate citizen, we support programs that enhance the betterment of lives in the communities in which we operate.


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