The South Texas system contains approximately 900 miles of high-pressure and low-pressure gathering and transmission pipelines and three natural gas processing plants in the Eagle Ford Shale. The South Texas system processes natural gas through the Silver Oak I, Silver Oak II and Raptor gas processing plants. The Silver Oak I and II Plants (the “Silver Oak Plants”) are each 200 MMcf/d cryogenic plants. The Raptor Plant is a 260 MMcf/d cryogenic plant.

We participate in two joint ventures in South Texas with a subsidiary of Southcross Energy Partners LLC, which consist of our 75% share in T2 LaSalle Gathering Company LLC (“T2 LaSalle”) and our 50% share in T2 Eagle Ford Gathering Company LLC (“T2 Eagle Ford”). T2 LaSalle owns approximately 60 miles of high-pressure gathering pipeline and T2 Eagle Ford owns approximately 120 miles of high-pressure gathering pipelines. Together, these two pipelines gather and transport gas to the Silver Oak Plants. T2 Eagle Ford also owns the residue gas delivery pipelines downstream of the Silver Oak Plants. On April 1, 2019, we assumed the operatorship of T2 LaSalle and T2 Eagle Ford.

We also participate in a third joint venture in South Texas, which is with Sanchez Midstream. We own a 50% interest in the Carnero Joint Venture (“Carnero”) and Sanchez Midstream owns the remaining 50% interest. Carnero owns and Targa operates the Silver Oak II Plant, the Raptor Plant and approximately 45 miles of high-pressure gathering pipeline located in La Salle, Dimmitt and Webb Counties, Texas which connects Sanchez Energy’s Catarina Ranch gathering system and Comanche Ranch acreage to the Raptor Plant.






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