The Permian Delaware system consists of two primary systems, Sand Hills and Versado. Sand Hills includes approximately 2,200 miles of natural gas gathering pipelines within the Delaware Basin for delivery typically into the Sand Hills, Loving, Oahu and Wildcat processing plants. The processing facilities are refrigerated cryogenic processing plants with an aggregate capacity of 545 MMcf/d. Two additional plants in the Delaware Basin are currently being developed: 1) the 250 MMcf/d Falcon Plant, which is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019, and 2) the 250 MMcf/d Peregrine Plant, which is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2020.


Versado consists of the Saunders, Eunice and Monument gas processing plants and related gathering systems in Southeastern New Mexico and in West Texas. Versado includes approximately 3,500 miles of natural gas gathering pipelines. The Saunders, Eunice and Monument refrigerated cryogenic processing plants have aggregate processing capacity of 255 MMcf/d. Gathered volumes from the Versado area may also be processed at the Wildcat or Oahu processing facilities.


The Permian Midland and Permian Delaware systems are interconnected and volumes may flow from one system to the other.

The following table lists the Permian Midland processing plants and related volumes for the year ended December 31, 2018


(2) Gross processing capacity represents 100% of ownership interests and may differ from nameplate processing capacity due to multiple factors including items such as compression limitations, and quality and composition of the gas being processed. (3) Plant natural gas inlet represents the volume of natural gas passing through the meter located at the inlet of the natural gas processing plant, except for Badlands which represents the total wellhead gathered volume.
(4) Plant natural gas inlet and NGL production volumes represent 100% of ownership interests for our consolidated VESCO joint venture, Silver Oak II, Raptor, Coalgate, Stonewall, Tupelo, and Hickory Hills plants and our ownership share of volumes for other partially owned plants that we proportionately consolidate based on our ownership interest which may be adjustable subject to an annual redetermination based on our proportionate share of plant production.
(5) Per day Gross Plant Natural Gas Inlet and NGL Production statistics for plants listed above are based on the number of days operational during 2018.
(7) Includes throughput other than plant inlet, primarily from compressor stations.
(16) The Monument plant has fractionation capacity of approximately 1.8 MBbl/d.