Coastal Gathering & Processing

LOU and Coastal Straddles

Our Coastal assets, located in and offshore South Louisiana, gather and process natural gas produced from shallow-water central and western Gulf of Mexico natural gas wells and from deep shelf and deep-water Gulf of Mexico production via connections to third-party pipelines or through pipelines owned by us. Coastal consists of approximately 3,295 MMcf/d of natural gas processing capacity, 11 MBbl/d of integrated fractionation capacity, 980 miles of onshore gathering system pipelines, and 170 miles of offshore gathering system pipelines. The processing plants are comprised of five wholly-owned and operated plants, one partially owned and operated plant, and two partially owned plants which are non-operated. Toca, a partially owned, non-operated plant, was shut down in January 2019 and has been excluded from the preceding statistics. Our Coastal plants have access to markets across the U.S. through the interstate natural gas pipelines to which they are interconnected. The industry continues to rationalize gas processing capacity along the western Louisiana Gulf Coast with most of the producer volumes going to more efficient plants, such as our Barracuda, Lowry and Gillis plants.




Service Area
Service Area
LOU and Coastal Straddles
Tetco South Pass
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Tennessee Gas
Mississippi Canyon Gathering System
Pelican and Seahawk
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