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K-1 Tax Support

K-1 Tax Support

We are dedicated to providing our partners with quick and easy access to tax package information.  Please use the links below to access the appropriate data.


Click above to access historical tax package information.


Click above to access 2019 tax package information.


On February 17, 2016, Targa Resources Corp. ("TRC") and its subsidiaries completed the Agreement and Plan of Merger ("Merger"), by and between TRC and Targa Resources LP ("TRP").  Pursuant to the Merger, TRC acquired all the public outstanding common units that it did not already own.  The Value of each TRP common unit exchanged was $10.695 per common unit.

If you held common units of TRP at any time in 2016, up to and including February 17, 2016, your schedule K-1 is available by clicking the "Targa Resources Partners LP" link shown above.  Please note that due to the Merger, this is the last Schedule K-1 you will receive from TRP with respect to common units.

Additionally, TRP's Series A preferred units remain outstanding after the Merger.  Thus, if you held Series A preferred units at any time in 2019 you will receive a Schedule K-1.  Your 2019 Schedule K-1 is available by clicking the "Targa Resources Partners LP Series A" link shown above.