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Leadership Statement


At Targa, we strive to conduct our business safely and with integrity, creating lasting benefits for our stakeholders, including investors, lenders, customers, employees, business partners, regulators, and the communities in which we live and work. We are proud to be part of the energy infrastructure that is delivering safe, reliable energy to industry, farmers, and communities across America.

Our operations connect U.S. natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) supply to markets where there is growing demand for cleaner fuel and feedstocks. We believe that natural gas, NGLs and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are part of the solution to reducing the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Natural gas, NGLs, and LPG are playing a meaningful role globally in improving public health and the environment with about half of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions compared to coal combustion. The increasing use of natural gas has helped the U.S. lower its emissions even as the economy has grown over the last 15 years. Globally, where electricity is not available, the use of LPGs for fuel has a positive impact on the health and prosperity for local people in less industrialized nations.  


At Targa, safety is a core value. We believe that “Zero is Achievable” and our goal is to operate and deliver our products without any injuries. We continually seek to maintain and deepen our safety culture by providing a safe working environment that encourages active employee engagement. To protect our employees, contractors, and surrounding community from workplace hazards and risks, Targa implements and maintains an integrated system of policies, practices, and controls.

safety crew

image of safety at Targa

Operational Excellence

We recognize that operating our assets, including thousands of miles of pipelines, natural gas processing facilities, and NGL fractionation and distribution facilities, is a great responsibility. Throughout our organization, we are committed to maintaining and operating our assets safely, efficiently, and in an environmentally responsible manner. We invest each year in integrity management, maintenance, and environmental programs. Wherever we operate, we strive to conduct our business with attention to the environment and to manage risks to enable sustainable business growth.