Our wholesale domestic propane marketing operations primarily sell propane and related logistics services to major multi-state retailers, independent retailers and other end-users. Our propane supply primarily originates from both our refinery/gas supply contracts and our other owned or managed logistics and marketing assets. We sell propane at a fixed posted price or at a market index basis at the time of delivery and in some circumstances, we earn margin on a netback basis.


The wholesale domestic propane marketing business is significantly impacted by seasonal and weather-driven demand, particularly in the winter, which can impact the price and volume of propane sold in the markets we serve.

The following table details the Wholesale Marketing Terminal facilities as of December 31, 2018
(1) Throughputs include volumes related to exchange agreements and third-party storage agreements.
(2) Volumes reflect total transport and injection volumes.
(3) Throughput volume reflects 100% of the facility capacity
(4) Rail-to-truck transload equipment.