Our Petroleum Logistics business owns and operates storage and terminaling facilities in Texas, Maryland and Washington. These facilities not only serve the refined petroleum products and crude oil markets, but also include LPGs and biofuels.


Baltimore Terminal
Total storage capacity of 505 MBbl.  Currently operates as a fuel oil services terminal and historically, handled asphalt.  The terminal has the ability to expand to handle clean products.  Current modes of transport include: truck, barge and ship.  The terminal is constructing blending capabilities, and adding rail and pipeline accessibility.
Channelview Terminal
Total storage capacity of 553 MBbl.  Products handled are blendstock, asphalt, marine diesel oil, used motor oil, vacuum gas oil, and crude oil. Capabilities of the terminal include: truck and barge transport, blending and heating. The terminal is expanding to include another 750 MBbl of storage and a deep draft ship dock.
Patriot Terminal
Patriot consists of a dock and land for expansion of our Petroleum Logistics capabilities (acquired December 2012).  Patriot is located in Pasadena, Texas and has a deep water ship and barge dock, as well as rail.
Sound Terminal
Total storage capacity of 1,457 MBbl.  Products handled are refined petroleum products, LPGs, ethanol, biodiesel, and crude oil.  Capabilities of the terminal include: ship and barge loading, rail and truck transport, blending and heating.  Recently completed an expansion of Targa Sound to connect with the Olympic Pipeline (a products pipeline), add storage capacity, and add ethanol and gasoline blending to the truck loading rack.  For additional information, visit www.targasoundterminal.com.


The following table details the Logistics and Marketing Segments's Facilities petroleum logistics facilities at December 31, 2016