North Texas includes two interconnected gathering systems in the Fort Worth Basin, Chico and Shackelford, and includes gas from the Barnett Shale and Marble Falls plays. The systems consist of approximately 4,600 miles of pipelines gathering wellhead natural gas. These plants have residue gas connections to pipelines owned by affiliates of Atmos, Energy Transfer, and Enterprise.
The Chico gathering system gathers natural gas for the Chico and Longhorn plants. The Chico plant has an aggregate processing capacity of 265 MMcf/d and an integrated fractionation capacity of 15 MBbl/d. The Longhorn plant has processing capacity of 200 MMcf/d. The Shackelford gathering system gathers wellhead natural gas largely for the Shackelford plant. Natural gas gathered from the northern and eastern portions of the Shackelford gathering system is typically transported to the Chico plant for processing. The Shackelford plant has processing capacity of 13 MMcf/d. 
The following table lists the North Texas System processing plants and related volumes for the year ended December 31, 2017
(1) Gross processing capacity represents 100% of ownership interests and may differ from nameplate processing capacity due to multiple factors including items such as compression limitations, and quality and composition of the gas being processed.
(2) Plant natural gas inlet represents the volume of natural gas passing through the meter located at the inlet of the natural gas processing plant, except for Badlands which represents the total wellhead gathered volume.
(3) Per day Gross Plant Natural Gas Inlet and NGL Production statistics are based on the number of days operational during 2017. The Longhorn plant became fully operational in May 2014.
(4) The Chico Plant has a fractionation capacity of approximately 15 MBbl/d.