The WestTX gathering system has approximately 4,400 miles of natural gas gathering pipelines located across nine counties within the Permian Basin in West Texas. We have an approximate 72.8% ownership in the WestTX system. Pioneer, the largest active driller in the Spraberry and Wolfberry Trends and a major producer in the Permian Basin, owns the remaining interest in the WestTX system.
The WestTX system has access to natural gas take-away pipelines owned by Atmos; El Paso Natural Gas Company; Kinder Morgan; Oneok West Texas, Enterprise Interstate, LLC; and Northern. On January 1, 2016, we began selling our NGL production at WestTX to our Logistics and Marketing segment. 


The following table lists the West Texas Gathering & Processing plants and related volumes for the year ended December 31, 2016



(1) Gross processing capacity represents 100% of ownership interests and may differ from nameplate processing capacity due to multiple factors including items such as compression limitations, and quality and composition of the gas being processed. 

(2) Plant natural gas inlet represents the volume of natural gas passing through the meter located at the inlet of the natural gas processing plant, except for Badlands which represents the total wellhead gathered volume.
(3) Per day Gross Plant Natural Gas Inlet and NGL Production statistics for plants listed above are based on the number of days operational during 2016. 
(4) Gross plant natural gas inlet throughput volumes and gross NGL production volumes for WestTX are presented on a pro-rata net basis representing our undivided ownershipinterest in WestTX, which we proportionately consolodate in our financial statrements.
(5) In November 2016, we announced plans to add 20 MMcf/d of capacity at our Midkiff plant.
(6) In November 2016, we announced plans to restart the idled Benedum plant.