The SouthOK gathering system is located in the Ardmore and Anadarko Basins and includes the Golden Trend, SCOOP, and Woodford Shale areas of southern Oklahoma. The gathering system has approximately 1,500 miles of active pipelines.
The SouthOK system includes six separate processing plants: Velma, Velma V-60, Coalgate, Atoka, Stonewall and Tupelo. The SouthOK processing operations have a total name-plate capacity of 580 MMcf/d. The Coalgate, Atoka and Stonewall facilities are owned by Centrahoma Processing, LLC (“Centrahoma”), a joint venture that we operate, and in which we have a 60% ownership interest; the remaining 40% ownership interest is held by MPLX, LP. The SouthOK system has access to natural gas take-away pipelines owned by Enable Oklahoma Intrastate Transmission, LLC; MPLX, LP; Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America; ONEOK and Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.


The following table lists the South Oklahoma Gas Gathering & Processing plants and related volumes for the year ended December 31, 2016


(1) Gross processing capacity represents 100% of ownership interests and may differ from nameplate processing capacity due to multiple factors including items such as compression limitations, and quality and composition of the gas being processed.
(2) Certain processing facilities in these business units are capable of processing more than their name-plate capacity and when capacity is exceeded the facilities will off-load volumes to other processors, as needed.  The gross plant natural gass inlet throughput volume includes these off-load volumes.
(3) Plant natural gas inlet represents the volume of natural gas passing through the meter located at the inlet of the natural gas processing plant, except for Badlands which represents the total wellhead gathered volume.
(4) Per day Gross Plant Natural Gas Inlet and NGL Production statistics are based on the number of days operational during 2016. 

(5) Plant natural gas inlet and NGL production volumes represent 100% of ownership interests.

(6) The Atoka plant was idled due to the start-up of the Stonewall plant in May 2014.