LOU consists of approximately 900 miles of gathering system pipelines in Southwest Louisiana. The gathering system is connected to numerous producing wells, central delivery points and/or pipeline interconnects in the area between Lafayette and Lake Charles, Louisiana. The gathering system is a high-pressure gathering system that delivers natural gas for processing to either the Acadia or Gillis plants via three main trunk lines. The processing facilities include the Gillis and Acadia processing plants, both of which are cryogenic plants. The Big Lake plant, also cryogenic, is located near the LOU gathering system. These processing plants have an aggregate processing capacity of approximately 440 MMcf/d. In addition, the Gillis plant has integrated fractionation with operating capacity of approximately 11 MBbl/d, which is interconnected with the Lake Charles Fractionator.  The LOU gathering system is also interconnected with the Lowry gas plant, allowing receipt or delivery of gas.


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The following table lists the LOU processing plants and related volumes for the year ended December 31, 2015



(1) Gross processing capacity represents 100% of ownership interests and may differ from nameplate processing capacity due to multiple factors including items such as compression limitations, and quality and composition of the gas being processed.
(2) Plant natural gas inlet represents the volume of natural gas passing through the meter located at the inlet of the natural gas processing plant..
(3) Per day Gross Plant Natural Gas Inlet and NGL Production statistics for certain plants listed above are based on the number of days operational during 2015.  
(4) The Gillis plant has a fractionation capacity of approximately 11 MBbl/d.
(5) The Acadia Plant is available and operates on the LOU system as market conditions allow.
(6) The Big Lake facility was idled in November 2014 due to current narrow processing spreads, restarted in September 2015 and idled again in December 2015 but is available and operates on the LOU system as market conditions allow.