Environmental, Safety and Health Overview


At Targa, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, the people living in the communities in which we work, and everyone who uses our products. Wherever we operate, we conduct our business with respect and care for the environment and systematically manage risks to drive sustainable business growth. We will not be satisfied until we succeed in eliminating all injuries, occupational illnesses, unsafe practices and incidents of environmental harm from our activities.
Safety and Health
We believe that each employee is responsible for his own safety and as such, anyone may STOP WORK at any time they feel a particular job or situation to be unsafe. As a result, our employees are empowered to take the time to do a job right. We want everyone to go home safely each day to his or her families. Our focus on safety and health extends beyond our employees to our contract employees. To that point, we require all contract employees to be an ISN Networld Certified contractor and to comply with our safety and health policies and procedures.
Meeting the Highest Standards
The Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) Process Safety Management (PSM) regulates Targa’s gas plants and many of our storage terminals.  We strive to design, operate, and audit our facilities according to industry standards and best management practices. We are proud of our safety record, especially during these times where our industry segment is seeing rapid growth and expansion.  The Gas Processors Association (GPA), one of our main industry organizations, collects Safety Statistics from forty-one companies in our Division 1.  
Investing Our Energies into the Community
Targa employees live and work in the same community where most of our facilities are located. As such, our goal is to be a corporate neighbor of choice. This means being committed to the advancement of communities, encouraging environmental sustainability and working hand-in-hand with our neighbors to address their concerns.  Our employees and their families are your neighbors, teachers, fire fighters, and friends. We support community initiatives and participate in or provide support to local fundraising events, festivals, charities, and school sports.
Safety Awards and Recognition
By fostering safe working attitudes operating in an environmentally responsible, Targa has received numerous industry awards and honors, of which we are proud.
  • GPA Presidents Award for Safety Improvement for 2011 and 2008.
  • The National Safety Council presented the Safety Leadership Award to Monument, Saunders and Yscloskey Gas Plants in 2011.
  • Received the National Safety Council Occupational Excellence Achievement Award in 2009.
  • Received the National Safety Council Safety Improvement Award in 2008.
  • Targa Transports LLC won 3rd place for Large Mixed Operation in the 2012 NPTC Fleet Safety Awards.
  • Rail Shipping Safety Awards
    • BNSF Product Stewardship Award (2008 & 2010)
    • CSX Chemical Safety Award (2008 & 2010)
    • UP Pinnacle Award (2009)
    • NS Thoroughbred Chemical Safety Award (2008 & 2010)
    • EPA Natural Gas STAR Partner of the Year Award for 2011.